World of Eden [x3] - sharpen your swords!

A long time, we've been all waited, today is the day when we official announce our Grand Opening date which is 24 May 2019!
Exactly two years ago Lineage 2 Evoke opened Bartz x5, after 3 years of pause and it was incredible, we want to feel that feeling again, over 2,000 players online, all of them waiting our server to open so they can embrace once again the good old memories and the hundreds of hours spent in this fabulous game.
Posted 21 May, 22:44 CET by SOHO
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World of Eden - the tales of Evoke!

Dear community,
It's been a while since we haven't seen each other and we have to say that we missed all of you! Evoke gates are opened for everyone, all of you are welcomed to enjoy one of the best Interlude low-rate servers around the world! A great server is coming by the end of this spring to bring you joy, satisfaction and to remind of the good old moments spent on Evoke during these years. Once with our announcement, we want to wish you a warm welcome, we hope you had a good time during the Easter holidays, but now is the time to come back to your real family, Evokers around the world will re-unite to raid & feast and celebrate this great day!
Posted 30 April, 14:21 CET by Soho
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